GNA announces killing of 30 migrants in town under its militias control

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MIZDA, Libya – The Tripoli-based Government of “National Accord” (GNA) announced on Thursday that 30 migrants were killed in the town of Mizda, which is under the control of its militias.

The GNA interior ministry said in a statement that 26 Bangladeshi and four African migrants had been killed in the town of Mizda, southeast Tripoli, and that 11 injured survivors were taken to a hospital in Zintan.

GNA claimed that the migrants were killed by the family of people trafficker in revenge for his killing.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) deplored the killing of the migrants, noting, “The tragedy occurred in a smuggling warehouse in Mizda where a group of migrants were being held.”

“This senseless crime is a bleak reminder of the horrors migrants have to endure at the hands of smugglers and traffickers in Libya,” said IOM Libya Chief of Mission Federico Soda.

“These criminal groups are taking advantage of the instability and security situation to prey on desperate people and exploit their vulnerabilities.”

IOM called on Libyan authorities to immediately launch an investigation to bring those responsible to justice.


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