Tunisian Labor Party refuses using Tunisia as a base for AFRICOM to intervene in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TUNIS – The Tunisian Labor Party announced its rejection of any American military presence in the Tunisian territories, on the background of AFRICOM’s disclosure, in a statement, of the possibility of deploying forces in Tunisia.

The Tunisian Labor Party condemned in a statement what it described as a dangerous step that constitutes a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Tunisia and involving it in the Libyan conflict, which has been taking a dangerous turn by increasing regional and international interventions whose aim is only to determine who will ultimately control the Libyan natural resources.

The Party also announced its criticism of the silence of the Tunisian authorities towards the issued statement, considering that the silence explicitly confirms its acceptance of the American military presence in Tunisia, which in turn will turn into a back base for intervention in Libya.

The Labor Party called on all the national forces in Tunisia represented in parties and organizations to confront this step and prevent the country from becoming a military base for American forces to interfere in Libya and turn it into a new Syria, according to the statement.