HoR: Any dialogue that does not include the withdrawal of Syrians and Turks from Libya will not be successful

The Libyan Address Journal

“Any dialogue that does not include the withdrawal of Syrian and Turkish mercenaries from Libya, and the dissolution of armed groups in western Libya, will not be successful,” the Defense and National Security Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives has stated, after the announcement of the United Nations Mission in Libya that the Libyan National Army and the National Accord government will resume 5+ talks 5 in Geneva.

In a statement on Thursday, the Defense Committee announced that it “reminds everyone that any negotiating path that is not based on the withdrawal of all Syrian mercenaries and Turkish officers with their equipment from the homeland will not be feasible, “stressing that” the implementation of the point of security arrangements must include among its priorities dismantling militias and remove their weapons of all kinds, heavy, medium, and light, to be placed in a safe place under international supervision.”

“There must be a guarantor for the other side to implement these points so that a permanent ceasefire is reached,” the Defense Committee added.


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