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Turkey deployed 7 warships off the coast of Libya to control the Oil Crescent, al-Mismari

The Libyan Address Journal

“Turkey had deployed seven warships off the Libyan coasts, in addition to sending a new batch of mercenaries, Turkish soldiers, and officers with the aim of controlling the oil crescent area where most foreign companies’ investments are located in Libya,” the Libyan National Army spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said.

In a press conference from Benghazi, al-Mismari indicated that “Turkey aims, through its intervention in Libya, to control the country’s resources such as oil and gas and increase Turkish influence in the southern Mediterranean, in addition to reviving the ambitions of the defeated Ottoman Empire in the region.”

Al-Mismari added that “the militias of Fayez al-Sarraj’s government have arrested and tortured Egyptian workers in Tarhouna,” stressing that “these violations do not represent the Libyan people.” He added, “We have recorded crimes by the militias that violate international covenants in Tarhouna, al-Asaba, and several Libyan cities.”

The LNA spokesman stated that “among these violations are the burning of citizens’ homes and the destruction of them using bulldozers, and large-scale thefts that included theft of countless equipment, vehicles, machinery, and even horses, in addition to killing animals that were in the city’s zoo, and burning Tarhouna farms and fields around the city. “


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