Sisi: The Cairo initiative aims to restore the role of state institutions in Libya

The Libyan Address Journal

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, affirmed that the Egyptian efforts in the Libyan file aim to restore the role of state institutions and fill the power vacuum institutionally, “whose absence led to giving space to the presence of armed militias and increasing their activity.”

This came during a meeting El-Sisi had with the Greek Foreign Minister in Cairo in which they discussed ways of strengthening bilateral relations and the latest developments in the region, including the Cairo Declaration to end the crisis in Libya.

During the meeting, the Egyptian President stressed that the Libyan crisis is threatening to turn Libya into a hotbed of tension in the region, extending into Europe.

For his part, the Greek official reiterated his country’s support for all items of the Egyptian initiative, indicating that it represents a message of peace and stability not only for Libya but for the region as a whole.

The two sides stressed the importance of ending the Libyan crisis by reaching a political solution that paves the way for the return of security and stability in the country, and ends “foreign interventions that seek direct gains to satisfy their own ambitions and self-benefit without regard to any other considerations.”


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