Al-Sisi of Egypt: Sirte-Jufra area is a red line for protecting Arab, Egyptian national security

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

CAIRO – The President of Egypt Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi said whoever believes they could cross the Sirte-Jufra line in Libya to the East are delusional; This area is a red line for protecting Arab and Egyptian national security.

Al-Sisi confirmed in a statement on Saturday that any direct intervention by Egypt in Libya has become legitimate due to the threats of terrorist militia and mercenaries for the entire region.

The Egyptian forces’ readiness to fight has become a necessity for securing the borders, he added.

The Egyptian President said, “if the Libyan people ask the Egyptian Army to intervene for supporting the Libyan Army, then we are ready.”

“If we give orders to our forces to advance, the Libyans will be at the head of these forces. Only the people of Libya will defend Libya and we will help them,” he pointed out.

Al-Sisi said Egypt will not allow any threat to the security of its western borders in light of the continued arming of Libyan extremist militias and mercenaries by some countries.

The President stressed that all foreign forces and mercenaries who threaten the security of the region must be withdrawn from Libya and the armed militias must be disbanded.



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