Shoukry: Turkish intervention in Libya could have dangerous consequences

The Libyan Address Journal

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, said that the resolution adopted during the Arab League meeting at the ministerial level reflects the existing consensus among Arab states to end the Libyan crisis, warning that Turkish intervention may bring dangerous consequences in Libya.

Shoukry explained in press statements that the resolution issued after the meeting of the League of Arab States stresses “a ceasefire in Libya and the start of a political process,” adding that the implementation of the resolution depends on the will of all parties involved in the Libyan file.

“These parties must realize that this is the only way to reach a solution … There is no military solution, but there are more external interventions that are not in the interest of the Libyan people,” he continued.

The Egyptian minister stated that “all parties and neighboring countries should intensify their communication and cooperation with international partners to establish a cease-fire and work to put guarantees for it until reaching the goal of a political solution.”

On the reason for not referring to Turkey in the resolution, Shoukry said, “It was better to be satisfied with the implicit reference and not go into that because we know that some members of the League may not prefer to include the name of Turkey for clear considerations.”

He added that “Turkish intervention in Libya could have dangerous consequences if it did not end.”


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