Dendias: Saleh and I came to understanding on possibility for Greek Consulate to operate in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Greece’s Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, said that he and the Speaker of the Libyan parliament, Aguila Saleh, came to an understanding as regards the possibility for a Greek Consulate to operate in Benghazi, following a meeting between the two in Tobruk on Wednesday.

In a statement released by the Greek Foreign Ministry, Dendias said that he and Saleh both agreed “on how the Libya crisis can be handled, that is via the Berlin Process and also the very interesting initiative from Egyptian President Al-Sisi.”

“Aguila Saleh and I agreed that Libya’s future requires the withdrawal of all foreign forces. This is a necessary condition for peace and stability,” he said

Dendias stressed “Turkey has historical responsibilities for what is happening today in Libya, as President Macron rightly stated yesterday.”

“The import of mercenaries from Syria and the violation of the arms embargo are elements that weigh on the Turkish stance. As I just said, they create historical responsibilities,” he added.

“Beyond that, we talked about the future of Greek-Libyan relations. We came to an understanding as regards the possibility for a Greek Consulate to operate in Benghazi, which would facilitate trade transactions. Libya wants to replace Turkish products with other products that come from Europe and especially Greece,” the Greek top diplomat said.

“We also talked about the delimitation of maritime zones between Greece and Libya, not in the framework of illegality as is the case with the so-called Sarraj-Turkey memorandum, but in the framework of International Law and in  follow-up to the relevant talks held between Greece and Libya in 2010,” he said before concluding, “And of course I had the pleasure of conveying to the President of the Libyan House of Representatives the decision made by  the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Kostas Tassoulas, to reactivate the Hellenic Parliament’s Greek-Libyan Friendship Committee.”


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