19 medical personnel in Sebha infected with Coronavirus

The Libyan Address Journal

The National Center for Disease Control has announced that 19 medical staff at the Sebha Medical Center were infected with the novel Coronavirus.

This came according to a statement broadcast by the center’s “Health FM” radio station.

The director of the NCDC branch in Sebha, Abdul Hamid al-Fakhiri, said that the epidemic had reached the medical personnel in Sebha, stressing that the matter had become a more dangerous turning point.

Also, last Wednesday, the High Committee to combat Coronavirus in the municipality of Sebha announced an “appeal for urgent help” to all officials in Libya to support the city with more medical personnel for the Sebha Isolation Center, “especially that it is the center one that serves all 16 Libyan municipalities in the south.”

The Committee added in a statement that “due to the presence of only six doctors, and the depletion of the energy of the current staff in its work for 30 continuous days, the existing staff must be replaced within a period of 20 days to preserve their lives and not transmit the virus to them.”