Al-Fakhri: 100 daily corona cases in the south for every 500 samples, and patients refuse to be isolated

The Libyan Address Journal

The highest rate of infections with Coronavirus in the southern region was recorded last Saturday, with 42 positive cases out of a total of 180 samples examined, said Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Fakhri, director of the Sebha branch of the National Center for Disease Control. He indicated that this ratio means that the rate of infections in the southern region is 100 cases per day for every 500 samples.

The NCDC in Sebha has examined 2421 samples as of Saturday, al-Fakhri added in press statements, explaining that the total number of cases in the southern region has reached 503.

He revealed that there are cases that refused to stay in the designated isolation rooms, and that there are families in contact with confirmed cases who refused to take the tests to confirm their status, which increases the spread of the virus in the region.

The NCDC official stressed that there is no implementation of the curfew by the competent security authorities, calling on citizens to adhere to the necessary preventive measures and apply the curfew due to the worsening epidemiological situation in the city.


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