At LNA’s new batch graduation, Field Marshal Haftar: We are ready to fulfill the nation’s call, defeat terrorism, defeat the colonizer

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said that with the graduation of the 52nd batch, the meanings of strength, will and determination are embodied to pave the challenging road towards building the national army fully, regardless of the size of the difficulties and challenges, in order to protect our country from the machination of the enemies.

This came during his speech at the graduation ceremony of the 52nd batch of LNA and the 27th batch of its naval forces that the Military College witnessed in Tukra east of Benghazi on Tuesday.

LNA Commander stated that, by graduating batches, we guarantee the nation’s integrity, territorial unity, citizen’s freedom, sovereignty over our land, and achieving security and aspirations to cut the road before terrorism that deludes settlement and empowerment in our land and controlling our destiny with violence and intimidation.

He added, “We salute the Libyan people for their confidence in LNA, their support for it, and their adherence to the national principles. We congratulate the people as they see a new batch of their children, the young officers, with all their scientific, material and moral readiness, and in all military classes, taking their place in the ranks of the National Army, ready to fulfill the call of the nation, defeat terrorism and defeat the colonizer.”

He continued, “We salute the crowds that demonstrated in Benghazi and categorically rejected the Turkish military invasion of the country, and we chant with them the cheering with their heads held high, that we are paying blood and souls for the sake of the homeland and not paying “al-Miri” – taxes paid in Libya at the time of the Ottoman empire – saluting them for their disaffected attitude against infiltrators and traitors.

Marshal Haftar added, “We salute the position of the brotherly Arab countries, foremost of which are the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and friendly countries that have realized the reality of Turkey’s colonial intentions and its danger to the region’s security and stability and the entire Arab nation, which has declared its categorical rejection of the Turkish aggression that threatens the security and stability of Libya and endangers regional and international peace and security.”

In a speech addressed to the graduates, LNA Commander affirmed that fighting the Turks is a sacred national duty imposed by all divine religions and all constitutions in all parts of the world and approved by international laws and norms.

Marshal Haftar continued, “We have responded to the urgent and repeated demands of brotherly and friendly countries and the international community to initiate arrangements for a comprehensive peaceful political settlement, but we will not accept the use of the circumstance to bring in weapons and mercenaries to enhance the enemy’s capabilities.”

LNA General Commander concluded his speech by saying: “We will not concede our firm national principles, foremost among them the departure of the invaders and mercenaries, and we will continue the struggle until the liberation of our land and the fulfillment of the aspirations of our people.”


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