Egyptian diplomat calls on “some countries” to stop transferring foreign terrorists in regional conflicts

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GENEVA – Egypt’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Mohamed Edrees, has called on “some countries”, which he did not name, to stop transferring foreign terrorists from and into regional conflicts, according to a statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Sunday.

Speaking during a UN’s virtual meeting on combating terrorism, Edrees called on “some countries that are accustomed to negative practices in moving foreign terrorist fighters between conflict hot spots to immediately stop this behavior”.

Edresss stressed at the same time upon Egypt’s commitment to cooperate with various international actors in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

It is noteworthy that Ankara established a military foothold in Libya after signing a security agreement with the Tripoli-based Government National Accord (GNA) last year. As part of the agreement, Turkish troops as well as Ankara-backed Syrian mercenaries were deployed to back GNA in an effort fight the Libyan National Army (LNA) in western Libya.


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