Cairo: The House of Representatives to discuss the dispatch of Egyptian forces to Libya

The Libyan Address Journal

Member of the Egyptian Parliament, Mustafa Bakri, announced that the country’s parliament will hold discussions on the issue of sending Egyptian forces to Libya on Sunday.

“The House of Representatives will discuss in today’s session the mandate of President Sisi to take a decision to send troops to Libya to meet the challenges facing Egyptian national security if the need arises,” Bakri said in a tweet via Twitter.

The parliamentarian pointed out that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi had confirmed that he would ask the parliament to discuss this mandate if necessary.

El-Sisi had announced, during his reception last Thursday, a delegation of leaders and notables of the Libyan tribes about his intention to request the parliament’s approval to send troops to Libya.

The Libyan Parliament, headed by Aguila Saleh, had recently asked Egypt to intervene militarily in Libya in order to “preserve the national security of the two countries.”


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