Mufti of Egypt supports the decision to send Egyptian forces on combat missions

The Libyan Address Journal

Egyptian Grand Mufti, Shawky Allam, has commended the decision of the Egyptian parliament to agree to send elements of the Egyptian armed forces on combat missions outside the borders of the state.

“It is religiously important for the Egyptian people to stand united in front of these challenges with our armed forces and political leadership to face all the threats to our national and regional security in this delicate circumstance,” the Mufti said in a statement.

Allam welcomed the decision “which seeks to defend Egyptian national security in the western strategic direction against the actions of armed criminal militias and foreign terrorist elements until the end of the mission of the forces.”

“Our armed forces, as we have always entrusted them, are the shield for protecting Egypt, which is always rushing to defend the security and territorial integrity of the homeland,” he added.


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