Al-Mismari: A thousand mercenaries from Turkey in Libya have fled to Europe, specifically Italy

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan National Army spokesman, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, has revealed “Turkey’s involvement in smuggling Syrian mercenaries from Libya towards Europe, specifically Italy.”

Al-Mismari explained in a press conference held in Benghazi that this route runs from the areas of Tripoli, Sabratha, and Zuwara, under militias of the Fayez al-Sarraj government allied to Turkey.”

“There are about a thousand Syrians who fled via Zuwara and Sabratha towards Europe last week, using boats provided by a European country in support of the coast guard under al-Sarraj government, but they are now being exploited in illegal immigration,” he explained.

Al-Mismari also said that these illegal migrants used to be mercenaries in western Libya, pointing to reports that 483 Syrians have fled from Libya to Europe only on Tuesday.

He warned Europe against the escalation of illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, indicating that this migration may not be innocent, as there may be terrorist elements among them that cause unrest in the European continent.

Al-Mismari added that “this file will remain open in light of chaos and in the presence of the Turkish invader, who wants the crisis to continue.”


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