Nearly 100 migrants “still floating in Mediterranean, risk drowning”: UN

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GENEVA – Around 100 migrants fleeing war-ravaged Libya have run into difficulty in the Mediterranean and could drown, the UN said Monday, urging a rapid rescue.

The arrival of summer and more favorable conditions at sea tends to lead to an increase of attempts to cross the Mediterranean, and the deteriorating situation in Libya is also prompting more migrants to take their chances at sea and reach Europe.

The International Organization for Migration warned in a tweet that “around 95 migrants are still floating in the Central Mediterranean at risk of drowning, after attempting to flee Libya.”

The UN agency did not provide any further details, but stressed that “states and shipmasters have a moral and legal obligation to respond to distress cases at sea.”

More than 100,000 migrants tried to cross the Mediterranean last year with more than 1,200 dying in the attempt, according to the IOM.

Tens of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers, as well as sub-Saharan African and Asian migrants hoping to make it to Europe, have found themselves stranded in Libya in horrifying conditions.



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