Libyan Government reimposes curfew, prevents travel between cities

The High Committee to Combat Coronavirus pandemic-Benghazi decided to impose a curfew from 7;00 am to 7;00 pm, starting today Tuesday, with suspending travel between cities permanently until further notice.

The committee emphasized that the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces and the Ministry of Interior will impose the new precautionary and preventive measures that the Consultative Medical Committee concluded during its meeting today at the headquarters of LNA General Staff in al-Marj east of Benghazi.

The committee decided to close all cafes and restaurants while allowing delivery services, with complete locking of all barbershops and hair dressers, and all wedding halls and designated houses.

The committee called on all administrative units to work with a minimum number of employees.

The committee confirmed that a decision will be issued by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Medical Consultive Committee regarding the educational process, noting that its procedures will be progressive.


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