Chad President Deby promoted to Field Marshal due to his efforts in fighting terrorism

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N’DJAMENA – The Chadian capital N’djamena witnessed the promotion of President Idriss Deby to the rank of Field Marshal due to his efforts in fighting terrorism.

His last participation in the army’s work dates back to the end of March, when he went to the Lake Chad region to lead the response of Chadian forces to an attack by Boko Haram on a Chadian base in which about 100 Chadian soldiers were killed.

For its part, the majority party, the National Salvation Movement, said in a press statement that the president “deserves such an honor due to his indisputable values as a statesman.”

In addition to fighting Boko Haram, the Chadian army is involved in clashes with farmers and ranchers in the east of the country and with rebel groups in the north.

The Chadian army also operates within the alliance of the Five Sahel countries against the jihadists targeting Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, and accordingly is considered an important ally of the French Operation Barkhane in the region.


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