Three ISIS members killed in a failed attack attempt on Ghadduwah, southern Libya

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan National Army said that it has killed three ISIS members in the Ghadduwah town in southern Libya, in a failed attack attempt by ISI on the town.

In press statements, the LNA’s Khaled bin Walid battalion, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the Interim Government, said it “repelled an attack by ISIS that targeted Ghadduwah, 70 km south of Sebha,” adding that “three members of the terrorist organization tried to enter the town in an attempt to kidnap one of the citizens, but our forces were awaiting them.”

LNA explained that “two terrorists were killed after clashes with the forces of the General Directorate of Desert Patrols, while the third blew himself up after being surrounded by the armed forces and the police.” It noted that “last week witnessed the kidnapping of an elderly man by those terrorists who tried again to carry out a kidnapping operation.” “Their operation failed in the face of the army and security men and their readiness to repel any terrorist attack.”


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