Turkish Presidency: We do not want to enter a confrontation with any country in Libya

The Libyan Address Journal

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that his country does not want to enter a confrontation with any country on the Libyan lands, expressing his belief that Egypt can play a constructive role in Libya.

In press statements, Kalin expressed his country’s support for the idea of disarming the cities of Sirte and Al-Jufra, indicating that this step would be useful to end the clashes, adding that, “If the legitimate Libyan government approves the disarmament of Sirte and Al-Jufra on acceptable terms, we would support them, but it must be fair and transparent, as these two cities can be the window for the political solution.”

Kalin expressed Ankara’s belief in the possibility of achieving a political solution in Libya, and that it does not prefer a military solution in any part of the country, adding that Turkey, Qatar, and some other countries are currently in Libya, with the aim of supporting the political solution initiative.

“What worries us more is the presence of Russia there through Wagner’s mercenaries, and the UAE brought mercenaries from Sudan, Niger, and Chad to Libya to support the Libyan army commander, Khalifa Haftar,” he said.
He stressed that his country opposes any official or unofficial plan to divide Libya, and that Ankara has repeatedly stated its unwillingness to continue military activities in Libya.

On the other hand, Kalin stressed that his country does not wish to escalate tension in the eastern Mediterranean as well, pointing to the possibility of the countries bordering the Mediterranean contributing to establishing peace and equitably sharing the region’s wealth.
Regarding the content of the recent phone conversation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on Monday, Kalin said that the conversation focused on the latest developments in Syria and Libya.

He pointed to the possibility of cooperation between Ankara and Moscow in Libya, like the existing cooperation in Syria, and that this potential cooperation will not be against a third country. The spokesman said, “Russia does not adopt a neutral position towards the Libyan crisis, and it supports Haftar despite its official denial.”


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