EU provides an additional $12 million in support of UNDP’s ‎Stability and Social Cohesion program in Libya ‎

The Libyan Address Journal

The European Union has provided $12 million in extra funding for the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) new initiative on Stability, Unity, Social Cohesion (SUSC) in Libya. The initiative aims at supporting peaceful dialogue and reconciliation between communities to improve social cohesion and national unity.

According to a statement by the UNDP in Libya, “with this new EU funding, the SUSC initiative will continue to support three existing complementary projects: (i) the Stabilization Facility for Libya, (ii) National Reconciliation and (iii) Local Elections, while introducing a new project on Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) which will help those  communities where it is most needed.”

“The EU/UNDP continuing partnership in this new initiative focuses on strengthening capacities of municipalities, which work for and with their communities to establish and sustain a peaceful environment by creating peace dividends and supporting local peace agreements.” “This will enhance opportunities and set the ground for socio-economic development, inclusive of the most vulnerable populations in Libya, while supporting the common goal of coexistence and stabilization,” UNDP said.

The SUSC initiative further aims “to boost progress towards shared local stabilization goals.” “Through the restoration of basic services, reconciliation efforts and advancing peaceful dialogue at community level in cooperation with civil society, social cohesion and the quality of life for Libyans will improve; this in turn should pave the way for credible municipal elections and stronger local governance,” it added.


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