LNA rejects “demilitarized” Sirte

The Libyan Address Journal

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, General Ahmed Al-Mismari, refused establishing a demilitarized zone in the city of Sirte, stressing that it was “safe and not a conflict zone.”

In a press conference from Benghazi, Al-Mismari explained that “demilitarized areas are areas of conflict and crisis, and they suffer from the displacement of their people, and armed crime and power struggle are widespread,” pointing out that these features “do not apply in Sirte, which is considered one of the safest Libyan cities, but apply to what is happening in Tripoli.”

The Libyan army spokesman confirmed that the Turkish forces are now controlling the ports of Misrata, Al-Khoms, and Tripoli, noting that Qatar is providing support to the Turkish forces on Libyan soil.

Regarding the opening of the oil ports, Al-Mismari announced that the army “issued a decision to empty the oil tanks and its derivatives located in the oil ports and export them abroad.”


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