The Libyan Navy: Italian fishermen under investigation and will not be released until the Libyan players imprisoned in Italy are released

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan Navy announced that the General Command of the Libyan National Army had instructed them not to release 15 individuals who were detained when the Libyan Navy stopped two Italian fishing boats off the coast of Benghazi, until the Libyan players imprisoned in Italy are released.

The Libyan Navy said that their Ikrima maritime patrol had stropped two Italian fishing boats with 15 people on board, and they were referred to investigation, while instructions were received from the General Command not to release them until the Libyan players imprisoned in Italy are released.

The Italian boasts were stopped in Libyan waters, 30 nautical miles north of the city of Daryana, east of Benghazi.

“During a regular patrol off the Tocra town, nine targets were spotted 30 nautical miles north of Daryana,” the LNA navy said. “They were immediately approached, and we discovered that they were Italian fishing boats. We contacted them via the radio, but did not receive any response from them, so we used the rubber boats and tried to storm them by force and managed to control two of them.” “Unfortunately, the rest of them fled, as they tried to obstruct us by throwing ropes behind them into the sea, tow other Italian boats were among those that fled the area.” it added.

The Navy explained that this is not the first time that such boats violate the Libyan waters, “but our boats patrol our waters to protect them from thieves and anyone who tries to undermine our sovereignty and steal our marine wealth, and we warn any party against approaching Libya’s regional waters in these difficult times the country is going through.”


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