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Misratan leader: Haftar fulfilled his promise according to the agreement with Maiteeq, despite the noise of the Brotherhood and their followers

The Libyan Address Journal

The leading figure in Misrata, Hassan Abdullah Shabba, who a member of the delegation that visited Cairo recently, commended the agreement reached to reopen oil between Ahmed Maiteeq, GNA vice president, and General Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army.

Shabba, who is also a businessman, said on Facebook, “Haftar ordered the opening of oil despite the noise of the Brotherhood, their channels, their followers, the campaigns of idiots and those without thinking at home, and the daily tragedy of the citizen that he lives.”

Shabba added, “Haftar is telling Maiteeq, if you couldn’t come to Sirte because the Brotherhood and their supporters prevent you, we are fulfilling the promise, and you should complete the terms of the agreement, so the Brotherhood and their aides do not benefit from the people’s income.”

“Long live Libya, and the people’s will has triumphed over Erdogan’s soldiers and the Brotherhood,” the Misratan leader concluded.

On the other hand, Maiteeq was scheduled to visit Sirte on Friday in coordination with the LNA Command, but “obstruction of the Muslim Brotherhood” prevented this. It was also decided to cancel a press conference for him in Misrata after the storming of the conference hall.

Mustafa Sanalla, head of the National Oil Corporation, had rejects any intra-Libyan agreement to re-export oil and open ports unless the LNA withdraws from the ports completely, and instead, plans, according to Western reports, to contract with a British protection insurance company.

Sanalla, who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, is considered one of the close associates of the British intelligence services, and he opposes any political agreement or elections because the result will be the removal of the occupants of the sovereign positions including him.