Alarmphone records the drowning of 190 migrants off the coast of Libya during September

The Libyan Address Journal

The non-governmental Alarmphone organization concerned with monitoring migrant boats in the Mediterranean revealed the death of 190 migrants whose boats sank during the month of September off the Libyan coast. It accused the European Union countries of “colluding with the Libyan Coast Guard with the aim of forcing migrants to return to the country, not in order to rescue them.”

The Alarmphone noted in a report, “a marked increase in the accidents of drowning of migrants in the middle of the Mediterranean, off the Libyan coast,” adding that hundreds of rescue calls from people who were on board boats trying to reach Europe and facing difficulties in sailing were received, confirming that the ship “Alan Kurdi” has rescued some, while most of the rest were returned to Libya.”

The organization accused “the violent border policy funded by Europe of being behind the tragedies in the Mediterranean, as well as a result of the confiscation of humanitarian rescue boats and preventing the Moon Bird plane from taking off to monitor the search and rescue area and report boats at sea.”

It added in the report that European countries “established the Libyan Coast Guard with the aim of forcing people to return to Libya, not in order to save them.”


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