UN authorizes inspection of vessels for migrants from Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

NEW YORK – The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Friday authorizing member nations to inspect vessels on the high seas off the coast of Libya suspected of smuggling migrants or engaging in human trafficking from the north African nation for another year.

The German-sponsored resolution also authorizes the seizure of vessels confirmed used for migrant smuggling or human trafficking from Libya.

It “condemns all acts of migrant smuggling and human trafficking into, through and from the Libyan territory and off the coast of Libya, which undermine further the process of stabilization of Libya and endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”

The resolution adopted Friday welcomes measures that have been taken since the first resolution on inspecting and seizing vessels engaged in migrant smuggling and human trafficking in 2015 and encourages their continuation. It takes note of the deployment of Operation Irini.

Germany’s deputy U.N. ambassador Gunter Sautter said preventing migrant smuggling and human trafficking is very important and operation Irini will continue, but he noted that the resolution is “a call to action” to the entire international community, not just the EU.



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