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Italian fishermen will be put on trial according to Libyan law – LNA official says

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Director of Moral Guidance of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khaled Al-Mahjoub, announced that the Italian fishermen detained in Benghazi since the beginning of last month will be put on trial before the competent public prosecutor, and they will be tried according to the law of the Libyan state.

Al-Mahjoub, in an interview with Italian channel 4, said: “The fishermen (8 of them Italians and 10 others of different nationalities) have excellent health conditions, and they are in Benghazi prison, and it is known that we take care of our prisoners. They have good food, we treat them with respect for human rights, and I learned they had the opportunity to contact their family members.”

He added, “They are of course under investigation, but outside the legal procedures nothing will happen to them.”

He continued, “I want to make it clear that we do not arrest anyone unless they violate the law. The Italian sailors violated the territorial and economic waters of Libya, and the truth that the Italian people should know is that it is not the first time, as there have been many previous violations.

Al-Mahjoub concluded: “The Italian sailors were subjected to normal legal procedures and were not subjected to any persecution. We are not a militia, we are a government and an army. We have handed them over to the Public Prosecutor in charge of this type of crime, and an investigation has been opened for the police to follow the legal procedures to preserve their rights, and a lawyer will be assigned to defend them, in case Italy does not appoint a lawyer for them.”


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