Accused of stealing $23 million, Dougha cheers for Baio’s detention in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya
ISTANBUL – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and based in Turkey, cheered for the detention of the Head of the Libyan Media Foundation, Muhammad Baio.
Chairman Suleiman Dougha said that Baio ordered the abolition of the logo “Volcano of Rage,” used for an operation that the militias in Tripoli, backed by Turkey, conducted against the Libyan National Army (LNA) preveniting it from liberating Tripoli. 

Dougha stated that men died for the logo and called for raising it.

He also called for supporting the hashtag “#Volcano of Rage represents me.”

This came after Baio accused Dougha of stealing $ 23 million and transferred his file to the Attorney General’s office.
It is noteworthy that Baio was kidnapped by Tripoli Revolutionaries militia after storming his house in Tripoli on Tuesday night.

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