Italy’s ambassador: Italian fishermen detained in Libya are fine

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – ”Our fishermen are fine,” Italy’s ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi said Thursday.

Grimaldi was referring to the fishermen detained in Libya after two fishing boats were confiscated under allegation of violating Libya’s national waters.

Speaking in a connection with the ninth edition of the Blue Sea Land conference in Mazara del Vallo, he said that “they have been seen by a doctor and medications have always been given.”

The ambassador noted that he was reporting information that he had received the previous evening when the Italian consul general spoke to the Libyan prosecutor general and underscored that ”the Italian government is working at all levels with all forces available to solve this problem as soon as possible”.

”I can assure you,” he added, that ”the government is following the matter closely”.

He noted that he had served in Libya between 2011 and 2015 and that this is not the first time that ”such a complex situation” has been seen.

The ambassador stressed that those cases were solved over a rather long period, ”especially in 2013, when several months were required”.

”I am absolutely confident about the outcome of the case,” he stressed, noting however that he hoped this would take the shortest amount of time possible.


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