LNA confirms its full commitment to Geneva ceasefire agreement

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The Spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Ahmed Al-Mismari, said Saturday that LNA is “fully committed to the Geneva Agreement,” noting that “the ball is now in the other party’s court.”

Al-Mismari explained, in a press conference, “The parties that participated in the Geneva Agreement have understood that there is no discussion about the supreme Libyan interest. I salute the officers who participated in this dialogue on both sides, all of whom graduated from the Libyan military colleges and succeeded in reaching this good national agreement.”

“We are an essential part of the Geneva ceasefire agreement, and we will overcome the challenges that will face it with the same patriotic spirit and determination,” he added.

The Spokesman emphasized that the Libyan National Army “will fully commit to this initiative and all that is stated in,” noting that the agreement “needs a true and honest guarantor and a deterrent force to implement the steps.”

“There are not many problems in fact, everyone needs to make some concessions and remember that the homeland is above everything,” he added.

“The Geneva Agreement is consistent with our objectives to combat terrorism. There is no place for terrorists in Libya’s future,” LNA Spokesman said.

“We will go with the international community to prove to the world what we have said years ago: We are fighting for peace. We are transferring Libya from chaos and terrorism to security and peace, Al-Mismari noted.

“We hope that what happened in Geneva applies to the political and economic agreement because citizens are currently bearing too many burdens that must be resolved as soon as possible,” he concluded.

It is noteworthy that the two parties to the Libyan conflict, involved in the meetings of the 5+5 Military Committee, signed on Friday a permanent ceasefire agreement after five days of talks at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.


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