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Maiteeq calls for the resumption of the economic reforms program and tackling Libyan Dinar’s exchange rate issue

The Libyan Address Journal

The Vice President of the Presidency Council in the Government of National Accord, Ahmed Maiteeq, called for the resumption of the economic reforms program, and tackling Libyan Dinar’s exchange rate, whether on foreign exchange sales for commercial or personal purposes.

Maiteeq said in a statement that the reforms would contribute to saving foreign exchange currency, eliminating the currency black market, and addressing the cash shortage in local banks.

He also congratulated the Libyan people on reopening all oil fields, the last of which was the Elephant field, the end of closures in all terminals, and the start of exporting oil shipments that had been suspended for a long time.

Maiteeq urged state institutions to exert more efforts and invest in “the positive atmosphere” after the agreement recently concluded, according to which production was resumed, “which confirmed good intentions, after the state of distrust and armed conflict.”

“The permanent ceasefire agreement has given hope to a sustainable treatment of the stifling economic crisis that has crippled the country and disrupted its facilities and institutions for several years,” he added.

“The economic agreement to open the oil fields was the first in the movement that succeeded in moving the wheel of negotiation and national dialogue, and produced great consensuses to restore the flow of oil, and opened broad prospects for reconciliation, and bringing the homeland together, which will happen soon.”


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