Stephanie Williams: Resumption of oil production is one of the results of the Military Committee’s work

The Libyan Address Journal

The Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya, Stephanie Williams, confirmed that the results of the work of the Joint Military Committee on the ground in Libya were to restore all oil installations to work, which raised production to eight hundred thousand barrels per day.

Williams also indicated that she has been following the exchange of detainees since the ceasefire was signed, pointing to their work to resume flights between the south and all Libyan regions, calling on the international community to respect the sovereign decision taken by the Libyans.

The Special Representative expressed her hope that what has been achieved in the meetings of the Joint Military Committee will be reflected in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, noting that the goal of the Libyan National Dialogue Forum is to develop a roadmap to reach national elections to restore the Libyan sovereignty of their country and exercise their right to elect their representatives.

The envoy announced the agreement of the 10 military committee in Ghadames to form another military committee to oversee the return of the forces to their headquarters and the withdrawal of mercenaries from the contact lines, pointing to the completion of all its work and its agreement to meet in the city of Sirte during this month.


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