Two visions clashing in Libya’s political talks in Tunisia

TUNIS – Libyan political negotiators are gathered for the second day in a row to take part in the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which is held in Tunis and scheduled to last for a period of six days.

The six-day forum kicked off on Monday, with UN Acting Special Representative Stephanie Williams and other 75 representatives attending the event.

The forum’s overall objective is a consensus on a unified governance framework to “restore Libya’s sovereignty and the democratic legitimacy of Libyan institutions”, according to a statement by the UN Support Mission in Libya.

Sources revealed to The Libyan Address Journal that the 75 participants of the forum are divided over two visions for what the future state executive branch should be like.

The sources explained that one vision, which is “supported by the civil movement,” believes that the Presidential Council should be based on “political sovereignty” and the government should be based on “technical and service development”.

Meanwhile, the other vision, which is supported by the “political Islam movement”, considers that the Presidential Council should be “honorary, protocolic, and restricted in the exercise of its powers,” while the government should be “political with high and broad powers.”


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