Open Arms rescue 255 migrants and bring them to Italy

ROME – Over 200 migrants have disembarked the humanitarian vessel Open Arms off the coast of Sicily and are undergoing quarantine. About a hundred migrants have died in the Mediterranean Sea this week alone.

The migrant rescue ship Open Arms on Saturday transferred 255 migrants to Italian authorities in Sicily after the Spanish NGO noticed their boats in distress in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this week.

Open Arms said a total of 184 adults and 71 unaccompanied minors from 20 African nations were taken aboard two Italian boats where they must first undergo quarantine and ensure they are not carrying the coronavirus.

“We hope the EU treats them better, ” the group tweeted.

At least five other migrants had died while making a similar journey on Thursday after an overcrowded rubber dinghy crammed with more than 120 people capsized off the coast of Libya, the NGO reported. The dinghy had left from the Libyan town of Khums.

“Staff in the region reported that more bodies continued to wash ashore overnight,” International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokeswoman Safa Msehli said at a briefing in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fisherman and coast guards had recovered 31 bodies earlier this week, including that of a toddler.


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