Williams calls on Libyans to challenge status quo

TUNIS – The Acting UN Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams, urged the Libyan people on Thursday to challenge those who wants to keep the status quo in the war-torn country.

In a press statement, Williams addressed the Libyan people, saying, “Today we are on the verge of the new Libya. We are close to ending the years of despair, stalemate and degradation. We want your help. Do not allow those who insist and fight by all means to keep the situation as it is by misleading you with fabricated news”

“You are the ones who suffer, and you are the one who decides your fate and the future of your country,” she said. “The decision is yours and we are with you. We will not leave you until you regain the full sovereignty of your country.”

Williams have been working with Libyan rivals to negotiate solutions on political, military and economic tracks of the UN-sponsored peace process. However, the American diplomat have warned that politicians who wants to stay in power are obstructing the UN efforts.

Williams called on the Security Council on Friday to blacklist anyone who attempts to obstruct Libya’s peace talks.

Williams urges Security Council to blacklist anyone who obstructs Libya peace talks


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