Libya: LIG chief of Homeland Security dismissed

The Libyan Address Journal

Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thani has issued a decree to exempt Major General Khalifa Mohamed Hosni from heading the Homeland Security Agency.

The Al-Thani government said in a statement that Brigadier General Mohamed Hassan Kamel was assigned to head the Homeland Security Agency temporarily, succeeding Major General Hosni.

Decree of the Council of Ministers in the interim Libyan government regarding the change of the head of the Homeland Security Department

Major General Hosni had assumed the presidency of the powerful security body in Cyrenaica in August 2018. He was born in 1949 and had assumed several previous duties, including the head of the external security department “intelligence” in Cyrenaica. He was also appointed deputy head of the intelligence services of Libya and continued in the position for nearly 14 years in a row.

Major General Mohamed Hosni, who was removed from the position of head of the Homeland Security Department

Hosni was considered one of the founders of the External Security Agency and one of the most senior officers in the agency during the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. He also worked with the former deputy foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, from 1992 to 1994.


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