Egypt increases peace efforts with Libya’s fighting parties

The Libyan Address Journal

According to Egyptian experts, the new visit of a high-level Egyptian security commission to Libya’s capital Tripoli indicates Cairo’s openness to all Libya’s parties with the purpose of finding a resolution to the Libyan crisis.

An elevated Egyptian commission, directed by Undersecretary of Egypt’s Intelligence Service Ayman Badie, paid a visit on Sunday to Tripoli for discussions with senior officials of the UN-supported Libyan administration.

The two sides talked about way of collaboration between the two states, and potential means to re-establish normal diplomatic relations which were cut in 2014 when the Libyan issue worsened, ripping power between two rivals with fighting forces.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his Libyan counterpart Mohamed Al-Taher Siala talked over the phone on Monday about the Libyan conflict and joint collaboration.


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