GNA militia leaders and officials head to Turkey

The Libyan Address Journal

Libyan sources revealed that the President of the State Council, Khaled Al-Mashri, traveled on Thursday to Turkey via Mitiga Airport, accompanied by 16 militia leaders affiliated with the Government of National Accord, most notably Mohamed al-Hussan, Ayoub Borras, and Bashir Khalaf Allah, nicknamed the Bugra “Cow.”

Al-Mashri’s flight left the airport, half an hour after the take-off of another Afriqiyah Airways plane carrying the GNA Minister of Defense, Salah al-Din al-Namroush, heading to Turkey on an unannounced visit.

The source pointed out that another plane left the airport late on Wednesday night heading to Turkey, carrying the GNA Interior Fathi Bashagha, and the head of the intelligence service, Imad Trabelsi.

It is likely that this comes prior to the holding of an expanded security meeting in Turkey, in the presence of officials from GNA and leaders of the armed groups, according to what the source said.


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