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Libya’s oil output drops as pipelines creak from war-era neglect

TRIPOLI – Libya’s oil output has dropped by about 200,000 barrels a day after the closure of a leaking pipeline, underscoring how difficult it is for the country to maintain its production following almost a decade of civil war.

The OPEC member’s output has fallen to around 1 million barrels daily in the wake of Waha Oil Co.’s decision to shut the pipeline taking crude to the eastern oil port of Es Sider, the country’s biggest. The state-owned National Oil Corp., which controls Waha and made the announcement late Saturday on Facebook, said the repairs could take two weeks, though it hopes they can be completed in half that time.

The pipeline “could no longer continue to operate due to the large number of leaks, and it’s worn out,” the NOC said. “What happened with Waha today happens daily with other companies that suffer from a budget shortage. They are also under the threat of having to reduce their production and to even halt it completely.”


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