Libyan negotiators meet in Morocco for peace talks

RABAT – The Libyan Dialogue Committee 13 + 13 will meets on Saturday in Morocco to form a sub-committee to prepare the nomination process for choosing a new transitional executive authority, said a Libyan official

Abdulkader Hawili, a member of Libya’s High Council of State, said in a press statement that the process will ensure regional representation, standards and mechanisms for assuming some of Libya’s top sovereign positions, including the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the head of the Audit Bureau,, the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the High Elections Commission, the president of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General.

He added that the results of the meeting will be presented to the House of Representatives and the High Council of State for final approval and start of implementation, provided that this implementation will end after the final selection of the rest of the executive authority in Geneva at the beginning of next February by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.


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