US ambassador & members of Fezzan Municipalities Council discuss issues affecting southern Libya

TRIPOLI – The United States’ Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, spoke over the phone on Thursday with members of the Fezzan Municipalities Council to discuss issues affecting the country’s southern region, said the US Embassy in Libya.

In a statement released on Friday, the US Embassy said thatAmbassador and Mayor Ashraf al-Mosleh (Bent Baya), Mayor Al-shawish Gherbal (Sebha) and Mayor Ahmed Matko Nino (Ubari) discussed “recent developments concerning the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum and the challenges faced by southern municipalities which feel excluded and marginalized as economic conditions in southern Libya deteriorate.”

“The Mayors expressed their support for the political process facilitated by [Acting UN Envoy] Stephanie Williams,” the US Embassy said.

“And Ambassador Norland reaffirmed the U.S. commitment in support of that process and of efforts to improve the quality of life in the south.”


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